Faculty Development

One of the missions of the Academy of Medical Education Scholars is to design and oversee faculty development programs in educational principles and techniques. This is accomplished in part by presenting faculty development workshops. Additionally, links to faculty development sites and literature can be found on this site. Also, AMES works in close collaboration with the College of Medicine Office of Medical Student Education (OMSE), which hosts faculty development workshops. The OMSE website lists these workshops and can be found here. A list of resources for faculty development provided by OMSE can be found here.

Master Teachers and Clinician Educator Series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

 AMES Education Portfolio:

AMES has created a tool to assist faculty at both campuses in their preparations for promotion. This tool helps proactive data collection and self-assessment of education and educational scholarship. Access the Education Portfolio here, and a PowerPoint describing its history and use here.

Peer Assessment at the University of Arizona:

The University of Arizona has made peer evaluation of teaching effort a mandatory component of faculty promotion decisions. AMES provides support and resources for this new requirement. These Peer Assessment Resources can be found here.

Phoenix campus resources:

Information Mastery slide set


Finding the Resources

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Tucson campus resources:

Find the Evidence slide set