Peer Reviews

Peer review of educational effort is an important component of providing assessment and formative feedback to an academic faculty member. In 2014, The University of Arizona made such Peer Review a mandatory component of the promotion packet, requiring at least one peer assessment of the candidate's teaching efforts per year. This teaching assessment can take place during a didactic lecture, clinical work rounds, or in small group sessions.

To assist faculty in fulfilling this new requirement, the members of AMES have made themselves available to perform peer assessments. To arrange this assessment, the faculty candidate is encouraged to contact an AMES member directly; AMES members' contact information can be found in the Membership section of this website.

Additionally, AMES has compiled examples of faculty instructional development, two of which are here:

University of Arizona Observation Handbook

University of California, San Francisco Peer Feedback Instructional Modules


Examples of Peer Assessment Forms can be found here:

UCSF Clinical Teaching evaluation form

UCSF Lecture evaluation form

UCSF Small Group Teaching evaluation form

Oregon Health Sciences University Peer Teaching evaluation form

University of Arizona, Phoenix campus, Basic Medical Sciences Teaching evaluation form

University of Arizona Lecture evaluation form