AMES Research Grants

The Academy of Medical Education Scholars devotes a large portion of its budget to the support of education-related research at the College of Medicine. We invite all College of Medicine faculty members from both campuses to apply for these funds. Up to five AMES Grants are awarded each year of the program.


These grants are intended to support either the development and assessment of new or improved teaching modalities, or assessment of the effectiveness of teaching modalities currently in use. Funds may be requested for technical/analytical support (e.g., software development, statistical support) and for well-justified supplies and equipment, but not for travel or for investigator’s salaries. Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to consult or collaborate with a member of the Academy when preparing their proposals.


Proposals must be submitted electronically, and should include:

1. Name, faculty rank, and department of the applicant(s)

2. A proposal, no longer than 3 pages, describing the problem to be addressed, its context, and an assessment plan.

3. A budget for the project. Budgets in excess of $5000 rarely are approved.


2009 AMES Grant Recipients

2010 AMES Grant Recipients

2011 AMES Grant Recipients

2012 AMES Grant Recipients

2013 AMES Grant Recipients

2015 AMES Grant Recipients


To see updates on project outcomes from grant recipients, go here.