Academy of Medical Education Scholars Mission Statement





The mission of the Academy of Medical Education Scholars (AMES) at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson is to create and sustain a diverse community of scholars dedicated to excellence and innovation in medical education.


This mission is to be achieved in the following ways:

  • Promote and advocate for excellence, innovation, and research in medical education.
  • Consult with and advise faculty committees and administrators regarding goals, design, and best practices in medical education.
  • Help to recruit new medical educators to the UA.
  • Coach COM faculty members toward excellence and innovation in medical education.
  • Provide peer evaluation of individual COM faculty members’ teaching upon request, including for purposes of departmental review, Promotion & Tenure review, and program and accreditation review.
  • Support innovation in medical education through the funding of pilot research grants and travel grants.
  • Recognize and reward excellence and innovation in medical education at the COM.
  • Educate medical students and residents about key concepts and best practices in medical education, in collaboration with the Office of Medical Student Education.
  • Promote and support scholarship and scholarly attitudes toward medical education.
  • Advise the Deputy Dean for Education concerning proposals for medical-education research studies submitted for approval by the Deputy Dean, as requested.

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The mission of the AMES is to recruit, mentor and retain outstanding educators and promote excellence in teaching and educational scholarship at all College of Medicine teaching sites. 

This mission is to be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Recognize excellence in medical education.
  2. Design and oversee faculty development programs in educational principles and techniques.
  3. Empower a body of experienced medical faculty to provide the COM with mentorship programs both for junior and mid-level faculty who wish to pursue a career centered on education and for medical students and resident physicians who are considering a career in medical education.
  4. Recommend academic policies to the administration and appropriate committees that will enhance the educational mission of the COM, including a)    objective requirements for education activities in promotion and tenure decisions, and b)   development of a full-time education track for COM faculty predominantly involved in educational activities.
  5. Foster and engage in scholarship in the area of medical education, including research projects within and beyond the COM. Seek and provide funding to support such scholarship.
  6. Promote innovation in medical education, including assessment and improvement of existing teaching/learning methods, as well as design and implementation of new methods. Keep abreast of the state of the art nationally and internationally.
  7. Promote mechanisms to reward outstanding faculty in the area of medical education. Examples include: a)    awards with and without financial implications; b)   assistance with promotion and tenure packets; and c)   assistance with teaching assessments.
  8. Promote discussion and exchange of ideas in educational theory and methods, including organization of mini-symposia, and hosting of prominent national and international educators as seminar speakers.
  9. Integrate the activities of the AMES with existing COM groups/programs, e.g., the Educational Policy Committee.
  10. Serve as an academic advocacy unit aimed at heightening recognition of the critical role that education plays in the success of maintaining a strong, progressive COM. Foster an atmosphere of increased respect and prestige for outstanding COM educators by demonstrating their key roles and value to the COM.
  11. Educate faculty, residents and students about the AMES’s activities and their importance to academic life at the COM.